20th place for Kathrin in Brabantse Pijl!

Yesterday we raced at the new Brabantse Pijl (uci 1.1) for women. The race, previously known as the Pajot Hills Classic, changed it’s name but kept the hard course with start and finish in Gooik.

The race covered some hard climbs: amongst others 2x Congoberg, 1 x Bosberg and 3 x Schavolieberg. Also every lap had a long cobblesection.

In the big lap 8 riders could get away with for our team Spela Kern! After about 40k this group got caught back by the peloton.

At 30k from the end it looked like the good breakaway was made, including some of the favourites.

However also this group got caught back and the race ended with a bunchsprint of about 30 riders.

In this first group our youngster, Kathrin Schweinberger, could sprint to a 20th place!

In the second group Flavia Oliveira ended up on place 58 after she crashed on our way to the final, luckily without any harm.

Spela Kern who did an amazing job also crashed and had to abandon the race.

Laura Vainionpää, racing on her birthday, was  involved in a crash with only 1 lap to go.

Although she had some severe abrasions and bruises she wanted to finish the race, and so she did on place 68th!

After a check-up in the hospital she will need to take some days of rest to recover fully.



20th Kathrin Schweinberger

58th Flavia Oliveira

68th Laura Vainionpää

DNF Spela Kern, Christina Schweinberger and Tara Gins


Race report Vrouwenpeloton:



Full results:




Pictures: Anton Vos

Teampicture: Frnky Schoonvliet

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