Get to know one of the best Caretakers: Lesley De Brauwer

We proudly introduce you one of the top Soigneurs of Health Mate Ladies Team: Lesley!

Lesley De Brauwer is from the Belgian city Wetteren. He is 40-years-young and lives with Kari De Pierre and his two stepsons, Jules (6) and Jerome (3) in the heart of Flanders, in Mere. He has been an active cyclist for many years in the masters category by the Belgian Cycling Federation WAOD.

Lesley finished his studies in electromechanics in 2003 and added to his diploma a top certification as bike mechanic and a sports caretaker over the years. His degrees are dedicated to his deepest passion: the cycling sport.
Patrick Van Gansen Team Manager met Lesley during a cycling holiday in Turkey  and immediately hit it off because of their joint passion for cycling and competition. This started a long lasting friendship.
Coincidentally, when Lesley was searching for an internship to finish his sports carer studies, Partick established a new women’s cycling team. This way he rolled into this rather challenging project of Patrick and became one of the best soigneurs of the team. An internship turned into a permanent assignment, because of the mutual enthusiasm.
From the moment of the team presentation at Velofollies® on, he felt the possibility to co-create and to be part of a team in which sportsmanship and friendship are of great importance.
The team trainingscamp in Calpe, Spain, was an amazing experience for Lesley, allowing him to see the team come together and bond, as well as permitting him to train along with these amazing female cyclists. Although it was hard work, the women surely evolved during this period, partly due to the given sports massages, something which made Lesley feel both useful as delighted.
At the beginning of the cycling season it wasn’t always easy to find a balance in the cyclists’ achievements, as well as the collaboration with the other team personnel, but after some time of pondering strategies, seeking potency and dosing efforts, the successes started following, the one after the other.


And why is it now that Lesley has this certain attraction to women’s cycling? In one word: the “grinta” or perseverance these women have to train professionally, give sacrifices and accept and practice the advises given to them. This all makes it easy and entertaining to work with them professionally and to support them at a paramedical level. Also, he tries to be a confidential adviser to them, where they can find support or a listening ear, when needed.
Nowadays, Lesley is trying to combine this exciting task in this even more exciting and renewed women’s cycling team with daily family life and his own cycling sport, a balance that is not always easy to find. This especially because of these three things are the most meaningful in his life and he wants to keep growing in all three of them.

We are grateful that Lesley chose to work for Health Mate Ladies Team in 2019!

Photo:  © Gregory Van Gansen Photography

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