Health Mate UCI Ladies Team reveals jersey for 2019

Health Mate Ladies Team proudly presents the race outfit for 2019 by Bodhi Cycling. May it come as a big surprise, as a radical change in main color will give the whole team a different outlook.

At first, Team Manager Patrick Van Gansen could not click immediately with the idea of a new bordeaux basis. Getting rid of the sky-blue domination in the race jerseys was a very big difference.

At second – seeing the result – it became an unexpected surprise how beautiful and unique design has born by Bodhi Cycling.

“Last season sometimes it was difficult to find our riders in the peloton. Several teams, like Astana are using this blue in their race outfit. The combination of the bordeaux basis color with vibrating blue stripes seems to me an excellent decision to avoid this problem in the next season.”

The 17 Health Mate UCI Ladies Team riders to wear the race outfit by Bodhi Cycling:

  • Chloe Turblin (FRA)
  • Christina Perchtold (AUT)
  • Christina Schweinberger (AUT)
  • Esther Meisels (ISR)
  • Fien Delbaere (BEL)
  • Kathrin Schweinberger (AUT)
  • Kirstie van Haaften (NED)
  • Kylie Waterreus (NED)
  • Lara Defour (BEL)
  • Laura Lozano Ramirez (COL)
  • Laura Süßemilch (GER)
  • Lotte Rotman (BEL)
  • Marga López (ESP)
  • Sara Mustonen (SWE)
  • Suzanne Verhoeven (BEL)
  • Veronika Kormos (HUN)
  • Zsófia Szabó (HUN)


Dear Followers and Supporters, what do you think about our new outfits? 🙂




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