Presentation of our mechanic Bryan De Vogelaere !

Bryan De Vogelaere is 21 years old, he lives in Merelbeke (Belgium).

He stopped racing a couple of years ago,  because the combination of school/work, cycling and mechanic jobs was not possible to do all at the same time. Now he is a mechanic for our wonderful team.

Bryan De Vogelaere : ” I can’t imagine a life without cycling. I joined the team last year, halfway in the season. It felt like a family from the first day when I met the team. Everytime I come back to the team it feels like coming home for me. Last year was a big success for the team. A brand new UCI team and we were able to compete with the strongest international women peloton as if it was our 10th year in procycling. We had a couple of victories and fantastic podium spots to celebrate. It’s hard to choose my favorite moment of last year. Everything with the team was so amazing. But if I really have to choose one then it will be the victory in The Spar Flanders Diamond Tour UCI 1.1 race in Nijlen. It was my first victory with the team in the car and we took 1st and 2nd in our home race. That moment I will never forget. There were even a couple of tears in my eyes. I look forward to continue to work for the team next season. ”

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