Get to know our Team Manager: Patrick Van Gansen

It is difficult to start up a brand new project with a guarantee that it will be a successful act. It is nearly impossible in top sport, where the public will judge very fast if the results won’t follow.

However, the experience and knowledge of Health Mate – Cyclelive Team’s inventor – Patrick Van Gansen – was a great insurance that something spectacular will come out.


Patrick Van Gansen was a young talent in cycling  with some promising results. He didn’t have the chance to go full time a procyclist when he turned 20, as his family needed him in their business. Within a short time, he was one of the most successful business men in the area of Antwerpen with the “booming” Van Gansen Autocenters.

His marketing activity and great communication skills helped to rise up the family business on a very competitive market. Despite the success, Patrick could not miss longer the atmosphere of procycling and he came with an idea to make the first free cycling magazine of Belgium: Cyclelive Magazine. The magazine has quickly become very popular among the Belgian and Dutch cycling community and Patrick gained many great contacts and met professors from the top of the cycling science through his powerful bike media, Cyclelive Magazine. The flowering Cyclelive was sponsoring already several cycling teams in the past years.

In the late summer of 2017 he felt the need to take a brand new challenge. Patrick was motivated by close experience how some riders are treated in women cycling, how less they receive compared to the professional men. Still, these athletes has the same motivation and efforts of a precise hard-work to become a top sporter in one of the hardest disciplines of the world: road cycling.

It is hard to find one more person, who would have all the knowledge and the confidence at the same time to realize this brand new UCI women team. At the same time, it is essential to present a sports team which attracts sponsors and new partners and to keep them.

One year has passed since Patrick Van Gansen came with the idea to establish Health Mate – Cyclelive Team on the map of international women cycling. The team has won some grandious first class races, had a wonderful first season and brought a great return on the investment of sponsors and it continues to grow in 2019.

“I can say, that the team looks a lot stronger for 2019 than it looked this year. However, we still will have to see if we can do better than all these fantastic results we had in the past season.” – says Team Manager Patrick Van Gansen in his last interview.

“We will start the season with a lot of ambition and with higher expectations than the past season.
Not only we managed to do fantastic transfers, but also our youngsters who proved their talent already this year will be stronger next year!”
“Looking towards the next road season I’m very proud with the long list of top talents we managed to bring to the team.
10 nationalities and 17 riders in total. With the Swedish toprider Sara Mustonen we have our captain who can lead and support all our young talents in the heat of the battles.
With probably the best and most experienced Sports Director – Davy Wijnant – in our team and on my side it might become a fantastic season 2019! We will grow and aim to further success on the highest level of international women cycling:

We aim to be the Number 1 Belgian pro women team.”


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