New DS for Health Mate – Ladies Team in 2019

Davy Wijnant as new Sports Director for Health Mate – Ladies Team in 2019❗️
Davy is a well-known and respected team leader in women cycling with many years of experience.
“I was looking to the evolution of this brand new UCI Women team with big eyes in 2018!” – says Davy.
“From the beginning I was impressed by this beautiful project. It is extraordinary to start up a new team and to grow up to race the highest level of women cycling in such a short time. Especially, with so many young talents, who did not have the experience of UCI level racing before. Above that, winning UCI races in the first year and having several top results is very surprising and unique. I am proud and motivated to start working with Health Mate – Cyclelive Team from 1 January.”

Patrick Van Gansen Team Manager:
“With Davy Wijnant our team will have one of the most experienced Sports Directors in women cycling without any doubt. This step was also necessary to continue the evolution of Health Mate – Cyclelive Team to the highest level. In the season of 2018 I was the Team Manager and Sports Director of the team as one person. In combination with being the chief editor of Cyclelive and CyclelivePlus Magazine. Next year it will be different, however my deep passion towards women cycling won’t allow me to stay away from the races. I will definitely take sometimes still the Sports Director position whenever our team will ride a double programme. With Davy as the primer Sports Director I will have the time to build further the beautiful future of the team from the background as well.”

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