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The bikefitting that took place for Marieke and me was at BikeMedical in Geleen.

We started well that morning with a cup of coffee that we drank in the car. Then we were welcomed 2.5 hours later by Jacques Peeters.
The bikes were put together and then it was time for our bicycle measurement.

This was the first time I stepped on my new Diva Thompson bike.
The pedals were put on the bike and the plates of my shoes were exchanged.
After this was all over, Jacques first asked us some questions concerning any possible physical complaints. Jacques therefore carried out the necessary measurements.

We looked at possible obstacles and also at our flexibility by doing some simple exercises. After some fumbling of myself Marieke did this without any difficulty. You always have small differences 😅!

Once on the bike we got stickers on our body. These stickers were attached so that Jacques could check our movements on his monitor. After some trouble, the stickers stayed on my body and we could continue. It seems that body lotion does not always work wonders …
Then these stickers showed nice results on the screen and starting from there Jacques could look for the most ideal bikefit.

Of course, this new position also had to be tested outside and we got a great day with the team on Saturday to do so.
We then went to explore the Omloop Het Nieuwsblad with eight riders.

In the end I can say that my new bike position is fine for me.
That day I made quite a few kilometers and this without any complaints on my new bikefit!

In the meantime we have been a few weeks further and with my new position I have already achieved a 12th place in the Omloop van de Westhoek 1.2!





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