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First of all, I can’t even describe how happy, excited, thankful, motivated and the list goes on…. I am at the moment! I’ve been working on for getting into a team like this for about four years now since I changed from ice hockey to full time cyclist.

It’s not easy being a cyclist in a country like Finland where the sport is not so popular and where in the winter can be lots of snow and temperature -25 degrees. Winter being the most important time for cyclist to build the form, I usually find myself training in Spain couple weeks before and after Christmas. This winter I was two weeks in Mallorca with my brother and his two team mates from Finland. That was hard block of following them on the climbs but it sure made me stronger!

All the other days I find myself riding in the snowy and icy roads with my old cross bike what’s three sizes too big but works perfect with me. The Finnish winter has been treating me well as it’s not been as cold as usually! (mostly -5 only). I also love cross country skiing and I have been doing that as an endurance training too just for a little change because of all those big hours on the bike.


This season I also came to Belgium earlier than usually. It takes almost two days to drive from Finland and I arrived here just before Velofollies. I was excited to see everyone and to start working as a team!!

I have been working hard towards my goals and I’ll start the season after our training camp in Calpe in the end of February. This year I really WANT to bring the Finnish champion jersey to the Health Mate  – Cyclelive team!!

In the end I want to thank all the staff behind the team for putting it all together and our sponsors because without you any of this wouldn’t be possible!!



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