Christina Perchtold joins the team!

Rider announcement

Christina Perchtold is joining the team!!

Christina has a ton of experience riding for big teams. Last year she was riding for Cervélo-Bigla Pro Cycling. In 2016 she became champion of Austria! This year she was 2nd at nationals and turned 5th in the GC from the Gracia Orlova stagerace!

Christina: “I am very happy that I got the late opportunity to sign for the team. Patrick Van Gansen told me from the beginning that he really believes in me as a rider and as a person. He gives me a lot of trust and I want to take this chance and see what happens with that support. I think we all can achieve great things when we work together and keep on going with that family spirit. Let’s go for a great 2018!”

Age: 24
Speciality: stageraces, climbing

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