Flavia Oliveira joins the team!

Rider announcement!

Flavia Oliveira is joining the team!!
Flavia is a talented climber with an impressive resume. She has won de Tour de l’Ardeche, the climbingclassification of Giro d’Italia and she also got a 7th place at the Olympics in Rio 2016!

2017 turned out to be a disappointment with a lot of bad luck.

Flavia: “In May of this year I broke my pelvis in 2 places, sacrum and the spinal processes of the L2 & L3.

That pretty much was the end of my season . No matter how much rehabilitation, fysio, swimming or recovery I did to try and salvage my season. It still took me 3,5months before I was able to re-start training properly. Many other things happened this year that made it even more difficult. But I am looking forward to next year, fully focused, determined to grow and learn. Looking forward to new chances, challenge myself and I hope we can build a strong bond as a team. There are some familiar faces on the team, which is great!

I’m looking forward to help each other grow and have fun in the process because happy racers go faster and then the results will come! I am looking to rebuild and eyeing the world championships in Austria.
I want to find that happiness again when I am out racing my bike!”

Nationality: Brazilian ️, lives in USA
Age: 36
Speciality: climbing, stageraces

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